Layla Dorine: Author of Serpent’s Kiss

From the sprawling plains of North Central Iowa comes an author of fantasy, urban and LGBT books that have captured the imagination of many readers. Author Layla Dorine is a lover of nature and a crafter of worlds where her stories spring to life.  she describes her latest book, Serpent’s Kiss, and shares words of encouragement for new and upcoming writers.

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Lisa Orban: In Her Own Words

Lisa Orban

Memoirs are more than one person’s testimony of their own lives; they give the reader another perspective about events and choices that the reader may have also experienced.  Memoirs can be an alternate reflection of not only the author’s life, but the reader’s as well. Illinois native Lisa Orban does just this in her gripping and humorous series of memoirs.  Her books, It’ll Feel Better When It Quits Hurting and Wine Comes In Six Packs, have received rave reviews from readers. Continue reading

Mark Swaine: In His Own Words

Mark Swaine

“During the Vietnam war, a young US Marine named Sean Chambers is captured and imprisoned in a POW camp. During his time in captivity, revelations regarding his fate and his role in a much larger war comes to light…” This is the teaser description for author Mark Swaine’s second book in the Legend of the Red Sun Village series, The Crenshaw Serpent. Continue reading

Tamara Lakomy: In Her Own Words

Tamara Lokomy

Gods, demons and pagan deities… Dark fantasy author Tamara Lakomy explores magic and mysticism in an unconventional manner in her novel The Shadow Crucible.  Lakomy discusses her book, motivations and advice for writers who are new to the art of storytelling.

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Dorche Harris: In her Own Words

Dorche Harris

Everyone has challenges in their life albeit some more so than others.  It’s beneficial for one’s overall well-being to realize that most things in life are out of our control; the weather, traffic, the economy and especially the behavior of others.  We can’t control much of the things that happen in our lives but we can choose to react to it in a way that betters us. Continue reading

E.V. Lohring: In His Own Words

E. V. Lohring

A small town, tarnished paths… and murder. Author E.V. Lohring weaves this tale of mystery and intrigue in his debut novel, Fear of Normal.  While it is his first published novel, there is much more to come. Lohring has been creating and chronicling stories and ideas for almost two decades.  Lohring discusses his novel Fear of Normal, his writing style and advice for new writers and gives us some information about what he’s up to next. Continue reading

Paul TN Chapman: In His Own Words

Paul Chapman

Image courtesy of Paul TN Chapman

Author Paul TN Chapman is a prolific writer with numerous articles on his robust website and three books currently found on Amazon, soon to be four. Chapman spent almost three decades working in the social service. He gained writing experience and honed a skill set that is not confined to any particular genre; Chapman can draw on a variety of life experiences to reflect upon when writing in various genres.  This becomes abundantly clear when one visits his website.

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Vinicio Murillo: In His Own Words


Images courtesy of Vinicio Murillo

The tales of a school for children with superpowers, a soon-to-be hero with an already heroic and popular best friend and an unimaginably massive dragon are told by University of California student and author Vinicio Murillo in his book Roderick Roach.

When did you first know you would become an author?

I’ve been creating stories since I was very young, but I knew I wanted to be a writer when I was in middle school. I found that after reading several books that I wholeheartedly enjoyed, I found that I could MAKE my own book, over subjects that I enjoyed and that was all my own. It was completely mind-blowing, and since then, I’ve been on a constant journey to create my own, unique stories that allowed me to tell the kind of stories that I enjoyed.

As a beginning author, is there any advice that you would give new writers that would follow in your footsteps?

Do your research and know what you’re getting into before you start writing. It is always better to be informed of all the different ways to get your book out there, to become an author as well as mini-entrepreneur, and the best steps in book marketing. That way, you’ll be more likely to sell your book to a grand audience, instead of doing everything at once after your book/blog’s release day and coming up short.

Can you give us a synopsis of your book, Roderick Roach?

 Roderick Roach is an exciting new indie middle grade book about an eleven-year-old boy named Rod who goes to a school for children with superpowers, hidden away from the public in a remote mountain range. His best friend is Ezra Stone, a popular and very talented boy who saves the school from a dark menace. Yet Rod gets the chance of a lifetime to be a hero like his friend and idol Ezra, when he must face a dangerous dragon who terrorizes the school. Does he have what it takes to take on a dragon as big as the mountains?

Do you have a favorite quote?

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

~Albert Einstein

Vinicio Murillo and his work can be found on several online platforms.

Amazon author page

Roderick Roach book page on Amazon






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