This site is a gift for you, the readers, the writers, the quote lovers, the lovers of humor and the lovers of satire. Most of all, it’s a gift for anyone who accidentally clicks on our website.

My name is Jesse Durdel, a proud dad, disabled United States Air Force veteran and former science teacher.  I was born and raised in rural central Illinois. I spent nearly five years in the USAF as a munitions systems specialist.  After the Air Force, I worked several jobs before attending college, including cleaning meat processing rooms after the butchers went home for the day, selling new and used cars and also I performed sales and delivery duties for an oil well supply company.  I graduated from Lake Land College with an Associate in Arts in 2002, and Eastern Illinois University with a Bachelor’s in Biological Science Education in 2005.  After graduation, I began teaching high school Chemistry, Physics, Physical Science and Astronomy at a small-town central Illinois public school.


During my tenure teaching high school, my students had the opportunity to build a trebuchet, demonstrating physics principles by accelerating pumpkins to ridiculous speeds to see how far they went. I also had the opportunity to work with NASA astronomer Robert Holmes on the “Killer Asteroid Project” (which has now been absorbed into the Center for Near Earth Object Studies- CNEOS website) where my students scoured over time-lapse images of the night sky looking for evidence of previously unidentified near-earth objects (Students help NASA in search for killer asteroids).  I was also afforded the opportunity to participate in a three-year fellowship program at the University of Illinois National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) called the  Institute for Chemistry Literacy through Computational Science (ICLCS).


In early 2016, Chaospirations began as a website where I posted writing prompts, or what I call “chaospirations” from combining random words (the chaos) with beautiful imagery (inspiration).

Since then, I’ve branched out to making silly quotes, intentionally horrible and unfunny memes, and writing satire.

One thing I like to do is support indie authors.  I’ve never written a book but I plan on doing so.  Until then, I really like helping get the word out about independent and self-published authors. That’s what chaospirations.net is all about.  Writers and their writing will make up the majority of the content.  At least, that’s my plan.

68468_10151099796840566_649102611_nAlso in the plan is the notion of this site to become a place where people can come to find new authors and new ideas.  A place where new authors and self-published authors can get exposure at no cost to them.  Because I know what it is like to strike out on an idea with almost nothing to my name.  Did you know I started http://www.chaospirations.com on a pawn-shop laptop using the free wi-fi at the local library?  You do now.  I want to help get these new authors exposure, because it makes me feel good about myself.

Join me on Twitter and Facebook and visit www.chaospirations.com until eventually everything there will be here as I slowly transfer all my stuff to a much more smoothly running website (chaospirations.net).

Thank you for visiting and enjoy yourself!

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