List of Release Dates for New Cryptozoology Books in 2017

Get your reading glasses polished and your bookshelf organized, because here’s a list of upcoming release dates for books in the cryptozoological subject area collected by the National Cryptid Society.  All descriptions are from

July 1, 2017

Behind the Paranormal: Bigfoot, Mothman and Monsters You Never Heard Of (Behind the Paranormal 2) (Volume 2)

Find out why you shouldn’t look out your windows at night! Join father-son broadcasters and paranormal adventurers Paul & Ben Eno, along with the world’s greatest monster hunters, for a plunge into new realms of weirdness in these first-hand reports of encounters with unexplained creatures, some never before published.
Prepare not only for new encounters with Bigfoot and Mothman, but brace yourself to meet things you couldn’t make up, like the Ear Eater of Jasper County, the Webb Lake Big Bird and the Van Meter Visitor. And the explanations?
In this companion book to “Behind the Paranormal: Everything You Know is Wrong (Schiffer Books, 2016), you’ll find more reason than ever to realize: Everything You Know REALLY IS Wrong! (Order this book HERE)

August 15, 2017

Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, and Unexplained Creatures (Paranormal Investigations) Library Binding

For many centuries, unexplained creatures have caused people to go on epic searches around the world. Some enduring legends that have tested and tried many an adventurer are Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster.
This book explores the best-known tales associated with these legends and presents scientific approaches that many have undertaken to prove these legends true. Full of photographs, eyewitness accounts, hoaxes, and scientific evidence, this book examines the status of these creatures, from the legendary to the real. (Order this book HERE)

Where Bigfoot Walks: Crossing the Dark Divide Paperback

Where Bigfoot Walks

Where Bigfoot Walks is a spectacular, moving, and witty narrative exploration of not only the phenomenon of Bigfoot, but also the human need to believe that something is out there beyond the campfire, and that wildness remains as well.

Awarded a Guggenheim to investigate the legends of Sasquatch, Robert Pyle trekked into the unprotected wilderness of the Dark Divide near Mount St. Helens, where he discovered both a giant fossil footprint and recent tracks.

He searched out Indians who told him of an outcast tribe, the Seeahtiks, who had not fully evolved into humans.

He attended Sasquatch Daze, where he met scientists, hunters, and others who have devoted their lives to the search, and realized that “these guys don’t want to find Bigfoot―they want to be Bigfoot!”

A handful of open-minded biologists and anthropologists countered the tabloids he studied, while rogue Forest Service employees and loggers swore of an industry conspiracy to deep-six accounts of unknown, upright hominoid apes among us. (Order this book HERE)

August 28, 2017

Mysteries of Georgia’s Military Bases: Ghosts, UFOs, and BigfootPaperback – 

Georgia has some of the country’s most important bases with facilities covering enormous areas. Is it any wonder that they have their share of ghosts, UFOs, and Bigfoot sightings?
Visit more than 13 military bases, including Forts Benning, Gillem, Gordon, McPherson, Screven, and Stewart; Air Force bases Moody, Robbins, and Turner; Army Airfields Lawson and Hunter; and Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base, to read eyewitness accounts of the paranormal. Meet a child ghost trapped at Dobbins, relive a pilot’s harrowing UFO chase at Benning, and shiver with a soldier at Gordon who witnessed one of the largest Bigfoot creatures ever reported.
Georgia military bases, with their endless angst, secrets, and vast acreage, have led to many tales of the paranormal: ghosts haunt all the bases, Bigfoot roams Army ranges, and UFOs fly over aerial and naval forces. Examine these events to gain a new perspective of those who protect the US. (Order this book HERE)

Sep 1, 2017

Hunting Monsters: Cryptozoology and the Reality Behind the Myths

by Darren Naish
The Loch Ness Monster, bigfoot and the yeti have long held a fascination for people the world over. Debates about their actual existence or what they might really be have continued for decades, if not centuries. Known also as cryptids, they have spawned a body of research known as cryptozoology.
This entertaining book looks at the evidence of these mysterious monsters and others and explores what they might really be (if they exist at all), why they have been represented as they have and the development of cryptozoology and how it has collected data to discover more about these unknown creatures.  (Order this book HERE)

Sep 8, 2017

Shapeshifters: Morphing Monsters & Changing Cryptids Kindle Edition

While most people think of shapeshifters as nothing more than the werewolves and vampires of mythology and pop culture, the truth is much more fascinating and dangerous. Shapeshifters are real, they come in all kinds and sizes, and they have existed for countless millennia.

This enthralling guide presents a menagerie of otherworldly creatures and half-human monsters, from were-cats to aliens. Discover legends and lore from around the world, experience first-hand encounters with shape-changing beasts that lurk in the night, and much more. Nick Redfern invites you on a supernatural journey into the domain of shapeshifters, where you’ll meet them in all their savage and sinister glory. (Order this book HERE)

 This list will be updated as new book release dates are added.
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