Real-Time Reading? Renowned Author Kevin J. Anderson to give unprecedented access to fans and authors to novel as it is written.


Kevin J. Anderson at Indiana Comic Con (photo by chaospirations)

The next epic fantasy novel from the popular author of Star Wars and Dune universe novels, Kevin J. Anderson, will be his most creative endeavor to date.  Not for the story itself, but for the way that it is presented to audiences which include fans of his work as well as aspiring writers who want to see the process of writing as it happens.

We met Anderson at Indiana Comic Con at the Bard’s Tower, an impressive display of his novels flanked Anderson as well as an impressive number of fans eager to meet the author. “It’s something that I’m not sure if anyone else has done before” said the energized Anderson behind a mountain of his books, “people can read the chapters of the book as I write them for the just about the price of the hardcover.”


Anderson is offering exclusive access to draft chapters of his upcoming book “Spine of the Dragon” as soon as they come back from the typist to subscribers of the website, giving readers and writers alike to see the inner workings of how novels are constructed from the author’s point of view as well as participate in forum discussions about each chapter as the story in the book is assembled.


Anderson’s display at Indiana Comic Con shows a sample of his most popular series.

Kevin J. Anderson is a New York Times Bestselling novelist of over 120 books and whose worldwide number of books in print is over 23 million.  Anderson is widely known for expanding the universes of Star Wars and Dune.  In 1994 he published the Jedi Academy trilogy and in 1994 he published the novel Darksaber that further tied in with expanded story lines in the Star Wars Universe.  Through 1995-1116 Anderson wrote a highly popular series of X-Files novels; Ground Zero (London Sunday Times #1 bestseller), Ruins (New York Times bestseller) and Antibodies.

In collaboration with Brian Herbert (son of Frank Herbert), Anderson massively expanded the Dune universe in prequel and sequel series that span thirteen novels in addition to the six originally penned by Frank Herbert himself. Such a colossal undertaking of expanding the already rich universe of Dune to be accepted and cherished by millions of readers as canon led Publishers Weekly to herald the works as “a sprawling edifice that Frank Herbert’s son and Anderson have built on the foundation of the original Dune novels.”

In addition to subscribers having the ability to see draft chapters of Spine of the Dragon, Anderson is also offering access to his own dictation of the story on audio files.

“…VIP All-Access Subscribers will have access not only to the draft chapters and the forum, but also my raw audio files each day as I dictate new chapters, whether out on the trail, up in the snow, in the rain, or in the car. No one else has heard this work until the typist gets it. As an early VIP supporter, I will include your name in the acknowledgments of the book and send you a signed copy once it’s published.”

~from Kevin J. Anderson’s blog

Anderson’s excitement at the prospect of making draft chapters of Spine of the Dragon available is completely understandable.  This potential level of interaction with fans and writers of all skill levels is innovative and pushes the limits of technological involvement with both readers and writers. In essence, Anderson’s audience can see the difference for themselves between the draft of the novel and the finished product and have the information on the decisions about the changes that are made in the story or technical aspects of the novel; it’s as close to reading a book written in “real time” as we can get right now, and hopefully a trend we will see more of in the future.

Author Kevin J. Anderson can be found on his website, blog, Amazon, Twitter and Facebook.

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