Victor Ray Rutledge: In His Own Words

Victor Rutledge cover

Images courtesy of Victor Ray Rutledge

When scrolling through social media, I stopped by a post that caught my eye by a gentleman who, on a fairly tame post, made a noticeable presence.

“Years ago, I discovered the world of fantasy role-playing games. You know the kind, with dice and dragons, and monsters to slay. I became the ‘go-to’ guy for scenarios, which grew, exponentially over the years. Finally, I had a world, and literally, thousands of characters, scattered across its surface. Innkeepers, blacksmiths, Mages, Shopkeepers, city guard, and everyone you might meet, traveling through a world. I set out to codify all of this, into a single, coherent, background, for the gamers who came to ask for such. It quickly acquired a life of its own, and thus “The History of Samovar” was born.”

These were the words from Author Victor Ray Rutledge made on your average, everyday Facebook group post.  But after reading that and a further detailed narration on the post by Rutledge, I knew I needed to contact him for this blog.  Rutledge is the Author of several books, two of which are A Knight’s Journey: One Knight, When he became a Baron (The History of Barony Samovar Book 1) and The Mouse Who Became A Prince (History of Samovar Book 2).

When did you first know you would become an author?

I began writing poetry when I was six. I’ve written ever since, but never expected to publish, because I didn’t have the time or patience, with life crowding so closely. When I retired, I had gigabytes of written matter, and have been sort of collating it ever since, trying to mold it into Novels.

Are there any writing challenges you have overcome that you would like to elaborate on?

I never knew how good I was, until I finally put something out there, and listened to everyone chatter about how much they liked it.

Do you have a favorite writer?

I have a library of Favorite writers, but Andre Norton, and Witch World was my entry into fantasy, (I was eleven when it was written) I cannot deny that it is my favorite place to visit, in my imagination.

What advice would you give to a beginning author?

Read, write, and, if you have the device/time, join a group of writers who appeal to you. The more you read and write, the better you will become, so long as you get feedback and work to improve.

Any other information you would like to share with the public? Write it here. This can include writing tips and tricks, pitfalls to avoid or any other information you would like to share.

If you want to have some of the finest writer’s tools, free, then try this location. The woman who runs it is a published author who enjoys seeing other authors succeed. I owe her, big time, for encouragement and instruction.

Why should people read your book?

My work is designed to provide an escape, from this world into one where things are clearer, and the hero/heroine always wins, eventually. They relieve stress, and allow one to suspend disbelief so that the story can transport you, to a world of Fantasy, where there is functional Magic, and evil to conquer. This is something from the older genre, but needed in this modern world, to provide balance, and allow us to remember what is truly important to each of us. No judgments are made, but actions have consequences, and those are easy to predict. I read my own stories, because they’re humorous and exciting, if you don’t already know what’s going to happen.

Author Victor Ray Rutledge can be found on Facebook.  His books, A Knight’s Journey: One Knight, When he became a Baron (The History of Barony Samovar Book 1) and The Mouse Who Became A Prince (History of Samovar Book 2) can be found by clicking on their respective covers below.

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