Morgan Smith: In Her Own Words

Morgan Smith

Images courtesy of Morgan Smith

Female heroes are not always equally represented in writing genres, especially in the fantasy genre.  However this trend is changing gradually and author Morgan Smith brings a capable female lead character to the page in her well-received novel A Spell in the Country.

“If you long for a fantasy novel that has a strong female protagonist who is not the typical stereotype, this is for you.”

Morgan Smith is the author of A Spell in the Country, Casting in Stone and Flashbacks:

An Unreliable Memoir of the 60’s. When asked what got her into writing, Smith admits that her motivations had less to do with a planned career path and more to do with, of all things, a dare.

“It’s just something I kind of fell into. I didn’t start out this way. The book was written on a dare and then it was another 15 years before I really thought about it again. But now I am sort of semi-retired and it all got resurrected, and I started thinking that this would be a fun thing to do…along with my freelance editing stuff, it keeps me in wine and chocolate.”

We asked Smith about some of the challenges that come with writing, and if she would elaborate on them to let new authors know that they are not alone.

“Marketing. I’m really bad at self-promotion. I just find it so hard to

suggest my books to people, or to tell people that they are any good at all. I feel really inhibited, because all my life, I have really disliked people who are those one-note wonders. You know: those people who are all about “Me! Me! Me! Me!”

Smith suggests that new writers hone the basic skills of writing so that it is instinctual and the process itself doesn’t get in the way of the story.

“Work really hard at getting the craft part right: the spelling, the grammar, the way stories are put together. Get that stuff so indelibly marked on your psyche that you no longer need to think about it. That way, you’ll know when and how to break the rules.”

She also describes the importance of reading as an essential part of the writing process.

“The biggest problem I notice in newer/less experienced writers is that they often think they are doing something new, because they haven’t exposed themselves to a wide enough range of stuff to realize their “brilliant idea” has already been done to death and abandoned.

Read tons – old stuff, new stuff. Read what you like, and read what you don’t like. Read the failures and the successes.”

Smith also shared a very specific character for new writers with us:

“Never have your character look in the mirror and describe themselves. Never. Just don’t.”

You can find author Morgan Smith on her richly entertaining blog, Smashwords and on the social media platforms Twitter and Facebook.  You can also find her wonderful her books on AMAZON.

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