John David Bethel : In His Own Words


Images courtesy of John David Bethel

John David Bethel, author of Blood Moon and Evil Town, not only brings psychological thrills and mystery to the pages of his novels, but political intrigue as well. Bethel has inside knowledge of the politics of Washington D.C. that brings a level of realism in his work.  Formerly a communications strategist and speechwriter for Members of Congress and Cabinet officers, Bethel reflects on the relationship between communication, words and power.

“I spent a number of years working in politics where words and language have a great 
deal of power, and consequences. Legislators and/or candidates often have one opportunity to represent themselves and their vision to constituents and voters. I was so taken with the important role that words and language play in politics and government that I became a speechwriter, and it was through this profession that I came to fully appreciate the power of language. The leap to writing fiction was a short one for me.”

Bethel also discusses some of the challenges he faces when writing his novel Blood Moon.

“Writing dialogue or descriptive passages for characters or locations with which I have no relative experience is challenging. In Blood Moon, for example, writing the scenes with the psychopaths was difficult since I have had no experience with such sick, twisted individuals. I had to go to some pretty dark places to successfully “imagine” their thoughts and describe how they operated in committing the atrocities they did. It caused me to hone some skills I had not used before and served to polish my craft. But it wasn’t a lot of fun.”

Both Blood Moon and Evil Town have been given critical praise. Like all successful authors, John David Bethel’s writing inspiration came from a number of sources including some of the great writers of our time.

“The novels of Ernest Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald entranced me and demonstrated how brilliantly-written fiction could gobble readers up and transport them to another place and time. The storytelling ability of Stephen King showed me that a good tale could pull the reader into the story, increase their heartbeat, cause them to perspire with fear and anticipation, and come out the other end invigorated. All three are favorites of mine.”

When asked what advice he would give to a new writer just starting out, Bethel stated “My advice would be don’t overthink. Sit down and start writing.”    

“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.”

― Ernest Hemingway

Author John David Bethel can be found on his websiteFacebook and Twitter.  His novel Blood Moon also has a dedicated Facebook Page and Goodreads Page.

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