Catherine Dickens: Children’s Author


Catherine Dickens is a children’s book author who specializes in unique, ethnic storytelling.  She is the the author of “Toby the Little Boy who Loved the Beach,” “Batboy’s Crazy Day,” “Leslie the Old Hag who Collected Souls,” and “The little Boy Who Got Lost.

“The Little Boy Who Got Lost Book Takes You on The Journey Of A Young School Age Boy Who Got Lost The Reader Will Experience All The Different Feelings and Emotions The Boy goes Through and How His Up Bringing And Morals Allow Him To Get Himself Out Of A sticky Situation.”

~Amazon description

Dickens began writing after becoming a mother and grandmother.

Unsure if she could write children’s books at first, Catherine says that her faith brought her through. “I thought I couldn’t do it but I prayed about it and I got over my insecurity and went for it.”

Her advice to new writers: “Don’t give up follow your dreams no matter if it gets hard at times…” also adding “get you a good support system cause you will need it.”

You can find Catherine Dickens on Twitter and Facebook.

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